Walking in Faith Together


Planning on visiting?

Worship Times


Sunday 9 AM Assembly


Sunday 11 AM Assembly


Sunday 9 AM Livestream


Wednesday 7 PM Livestream


If you are in need of transportation, please give us a call at 409-745-4619 or reach out to us at our Facebook page. We will be happy to arrange transportation for you!

What to expect…

What should I wear?

You will find people dressed in all sorts of clothing at our assemblies. Some in jeans and t-shirts, some in polos and slacks, and some in suits and ties. We believe that everyone should be afforded the same respect and honor, regardless of their clothes, just as James 2:1-7 explains.

What will I do?

Worship in the New Testament was simple. In an effort to do as they did, our worship is simple too. We sing, we pray, we give, we take the Lord’s Supper, and we listen to teaching from God’s word.

We are excited for you to visit us and hold you in high regard and respect. After all, going to a new place full of new people and doing something as intimate as worship takes courage! As a result we solicit nothing from you in that we see the responsibility to give as a commandment given to the members here (I Corinthians 16:1-2) and we will not single you out in any way or embarrass you. We take your comfort among us seriously! 

What will my kids do?

We have many kids here, currently numbering about 80. We have Bible classes that they can participate in at 9:30 AM (these classes are currently cancelled until COVID-19 restrictions can be lifted). 

We also believe that children should be trained to worship God also and the best way to do that is to model worship for them in the assembly. Thus children are welcome in the assembly to participate in the singing and praying and teaching, etc.

Nothing makes us happier than to see young faces in the assembly worshipping God! 

What about COVID19?

We live-streamed our services solely from March – May. On May 24 we began assembling again. We have two assemblies to limit the numbers present so social distancing is possible. The assemblies are at 9 AM and 11 AM on Sundays. As a visitor you are welcome to come to either assembly.

A number of precautions have been taken. The seating and bathrooms are sanitized between assemblies. Seats have been removed so that remaining seating can be spaced out according to social distancing guidelines. The Lord’s Supper has been altered to limit the possibility of cross-contamination. Masks are worn by servers. Anyone that comes is welcome to wear a mask, but we have not made them mandatory.

We have taken every effort we can to keep everyone safe while still obeying the Lord’s command to assemble on the first day of the week.

Current Series

The Minor Prophets

The 12 books of the minor prophets (Hosea-Malachi) are often overlooked. They are minor only in that they are short books, but the teach enormous lessons. Many of the issues that these writers were facing are very similar to the issues of today and there is much we can learn about how to live in 2020.