COVID 19 Response

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The quarantine continues. I am sure that all have been watching the news closely to see where things are headed. As of this writing the federal, state, and local governments still mandate no gatherings over 10 and only essential travel and work. For the time being the assemblies remain suspended and will be conducted online as has been the case. On Wednesdays there will be a live stream available on Facebook. For Sundays there will be a worship video available as was the case last Sunday.

We intend to be handing out Lord’s Supper necessities again to any that have need. In addition, digital giving is still available. You can find a “give” link near the bottom of this page. There is also a link on the front page of the church website at the top in the navigation bar. Contributions can also be mailed to the church post office box: PO Box 900, Mauriceville, TX 77626.

Please stay safe. If you have a need call someone and we will do what we can to help you out. Let’s look out for each other to the best of our abilities.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The situation has changed once again. As of this morning Orange County has issued an emergency declaration that forbids any gathering of over 50 and strongly recommends no gatherings of over 10. This will make our normal assembly, or even the modified assembly from this past Sunday impossible. I will post the emergency declaration link below so you can read it for yourself if you would like. As a result the shepherds have decided that we will meet online for the time being. Gabe and I are busy preparing online opportunities for everyone. Please watch the Facebook page. Our plan at this point is to do a livestream for Bible class on Wednesdays at 7 PM, our usual time. We would love for you to be a part of that livestream and even make comments on the subject at hand in the comment section which we will try to answer live.

Orange County Emergency Declaration

For Sunday, we will prerecord a lesson and hymns so that you can watch those in your home, assembling with those in your home. We will also have a Lord’s Supper segment with a thought to meditate on. If you would like to take the Lord’s Supper with your family at home, grape juice and matzo crackers can be purchased from local stores such as Kroger. Of course, the easiest thing to do for bread is just make your own. I will include a simple recipe below.

Kroger Matzo Crackers

Kroger Welch’s 100% Grape Juice

Recipe for bread:

1 Cup All-Purpose flour
1/4 Cup Olive Oil (any oil should do, but Olive is best)
1/4 Cup Water
Salt to taste
Roll it out to desired thickness/shape.
Bake @ 450 for 8-10 minutes
Makes 8 – 4″ diameter crackers if you make it thin

If you have an offering for Sunday, there are a couple of methods to get it to the church.

Option 1 – Mail in a check. The church’s address is: Mauriceville Church, PO BOX 900, Mauriceville, TX 77626.

Option 2 – Send your offering digitally. Simply text the word “Give” followed by your offering amount (e.g. Give 50) to 409-206-1015. Once you do this, you will receive a text back in a few seconds with a link. Follow that link. You will be asked to login or make an account. If you are already using the “Logos” Bible app, then you already have an account. If not, choose a username and password to set one up. Then you will go to a screen where you can either enter debit/credit card information or you can enter bank account/routing number information. The fee is less with bank account info than credit/debit card info. Then just click send. Once you do these steps the first time, it will save your info, and the next time you give it will be automatic. You can even set your contribution up to be recurring so it will happen completely automatically every week. You can also follow the link below.


Remember brethren, these measures are temporary. I know that we all long to be with one another in person worshipping our Great God, but for the time being we will have to settle for communing digitally with one another. Hopefully this will be a short time period for these measures. Please be safe and listen to what the authorities and professionals are saying. This is a very dangerous situation.

God bless you all. Feel free to call me (Chris) or Gabe or one of the shepherds if there is anything we can do for you. Let’s stay connected the best we can and help one another when help is needed!



Saturday, March 14, 2020

The shepherds have decided it best to suspend our Sunday and Wednesday Bible Classes for the next couple of weeks until we better know how the virus will impact our area. Government agencies are advising that measures be taken to limit people’s interactions to keep the spread of the virus to a minimum.

We will still meet for our 10:25 AM assembly period, with slight modification. We will alter how the Lord’s Supper is passed out to limit the spreading of germs through the plates and also alter the way the offering is conducted.

If you are ill or showing any symptoms, please stay home until you are better. As for the elderly, we advise caution when considering whether to attend the assembly period or not. We also advice not shaking hands or hugging for the next couple weeks, which we know is hard because this church loves one another and likes to greet one another! Maybe adopt a different form of greeting that is only verbal in nature. Or a Texan head nod!

We will try to live-stream the assembly for those who are homebound, if our internet service will allow. Also, for those that would like to give, you can give electronically from home. Just text “Give” followed by the amount (e.g. Give 50) to 409-206-1015. You will receive a text back in a few seconds that will give you further instruction on how to set up your digital gift.

Please just look out for one another. I Peter 1:22 tells us to “fervently love one another from the heart”. Let’s keep on worshipping our Great God while at the same time loving one another and looking out for one another.

And remember, as saints, Paul tells us we are to “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Let’s be in a state of prayer for all those affected by this illness. Not panicking, but exercising wisdom and caution, leaning on our Mighty God.

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