Brother Bruce Reeves from Conway, Arkansas was with us from March 22-26, 2015. He presented a series of lessons in line with our annual theme of “Growing Mightily and Prevailing” that was entitled “Encounters With Jesus”. Through the course of this week we examined different conversations Jesus had with individuals, focusing mainly on the evangelistic lessons we can learn from those encounters. Below you will find videos of the lessons presented by brother Reeves, along with a brief video explaining the series.

Bruce Reeves explains his series, “Encounters With Jesus”.

Sunday Bible Class: Zeal

Sunday Morning Assembly: The Blind Man: When Unbelief Examines a Miracle

Sunday Evening Assembly: The Syro-Phoenician Woman: Content With Crumbs?

Monday Evening Assembly: The Samaritan Woman: Saved Out of Deep Darkness

Tuesday Evening Assembly: Nicodemus: A Transformation Not of This World

Wednesday Evening Assembly: The Centurion: Amazing Faith in Astonishing Circumstances

Thursday Evening Assembly: Believing Thomas: Breaking Through Stereotypes