Please do not forget that it is best for all food to be brought in disposable containers.


David and Joann’s daughter-in-law, Kristin DeYoung, died unexpectedly Monday from an unknown cause. Her visitation will be Saturday night from 5-8 PM at Broussard’s in Nederland. Her funeral will be Sunday at 2 PM at the Stonegate church building. Food can be taken to David and Joann’s house. Their address is 7600 Highway 12, Vidor, TX. David’s number is 963-5926.

In lieu of flowers, an account has been set up and money can be donated in Kristin DeYoung’s honor at any MCT Credit Union to help cover the expenses for this unexpected tragedy.

Here is the link to sister DeYoung’s obituary.

Kristin DeYoung’s Obituary


Brian Riley lost his father, James Edward Riley, Monday afternoon also. His visitation will be at Dorman’s in Orange from 5-9 PM Thursday evening. The funeral will be Friday morning at 10:00 AM. Any food can be taken to Brian and Darlene’s house. The address is 2840 FM 3247, Orange, 77632. You can call Darlene at 221-9767 if need be.

Here is the link to Mr. Riley’s obituary.

James Edward Riley’s Obituary


Linda Lisenby lost her husband, Ben Lisenby on Tuesday. His visitation will be at Vidor memorial from 12-2 PM on Friday at Vidor Memorial. The funeral will immediately follow at 2:00 PM. Any food can be taken to Linda Lisenby’s home. The address is 4085 South Main, Vidor, 77662. You can call Linda at 768-1400 if need be.

Here is the link to Mr. Lisenby’s obituary.

Benjamin Lisenby’s Obituary


If you have questions or need clarification, please call Chris at 313-4618 or Justin at 670-5804.