This year our September Sermon Series was on the topic of “Seed Sowers” with all lessons being taken from the sower parable of Matthew 13. Brother Jim McDonald from the Loop 287 church in Lufkin, TX kicked off the series on September 6 with three fantastic lessons on the need for evangelism and what it looks like at the individual level and the church level.

Click below to watch videos from the series.

September 6, 2015: Bible Class: Jim McDonald: The Need for Evangelism

September 6, 2015: Morning Assembly: Jim McDonald: The Church and Evangelism

September 6, 2015: Evening Assembly: Jim McDonald: The Individual and Evangelism

September 13, 2015: Morning Assembly: Justin McCorkle: The Seed

September 13, 2015: Evening Assembly: Justin McCorkle and Chris Eppler: Seed Sower Question and Answer

September 20, 2015: Morning Assembly: Chris Eppler: The Sower

September 20, 2015: Evening Assembly: Justin McCorkle: The Soil

September 27, 2015: Morning Assembly: Chris Eppler: The Spirit