The Bible is full of word pictures that help us visualize our goal as Christians!

Our theme for this year is “Striving for Heaven Together”. Along that theme our September Sermon Series is on the topic of “Visualize to Realize”. For the entire month of September all lessons will consider the value of Biblical word pictures and the value of visualizing our goal of Heaven in order to realize it. Brother Todd McAdams kicked the month off with three lessons on Sunday, September 7, 2014. Watch his videos below and the rest of the videos will be added as the month progresses.

9/7 Adult Bible Class: Seeing the Good Land by Todd McAdams

9/7 Morning Assembly: Running the Race by Todd McAdams

9/7 Evening Assembly: Mere Copies by Todd McAdams

9/14 Morning Assembly: Foundations by Chris Eppler

9/14 Evening Assembly: Visualize to Realize September Question and Answer

9/21 Morning Assembly: Visualizing Yourself Without God by Chris Eppler

9/21 Evening Assembly: Visualizing Yourself Without Sin by Justin McCorkle

9/28 Morning Assembly: Teen and Saint by Justin McCorkle